If Sales Tools Could Paint

There is a debate among salespeople whether or not cold-calling is the wrong tool to use anymore.

I am a painter as a hobby, so I tend to couch things in artistic terms. Think of it this way, we have many tools along the sales path, cold calling being but one brush stroke. Think of the final sale as a completed portrait. Each “brush” of the sales path performs its job, reaches various areas of the canvas, some in broad strokes, some in tiny strokes to come together creating a portrait of a sale. To look at a portrait and say that fine brushes are old fashioned we should use a roller brush because it’s more efficient in covering canvas, is foolish. There is room for all brushes in a artist/salesperson’s toolbox.

Salespeople are as unique as are artists. Each has their favorite tools and their own levels of skill. It could be that those who want to dismiss cold-calling are simply not very good artists with that brush. In that case one doesn’t blame the brush. Throwing out something that does what no other touch does, connects a person to another person’s voice in real time, and replaces it with a bot on a website is like painting the Mona Lisa with a paint gun.

Okay, cold-calls are important, but I still don’t want to do them! Check it out.