Cold-Calling Isn’t Dead. It’s not resting either, but maybe you are?

We are seduced by all things tech. And we’ll put old ways aside easily in favor of splashy new tech toys. The quickest way to sell new toys is to suggest people’s current toys are “outdated”. Suggesting cold-calling is dead is a ploy to sell you trending tech solutions. But “new” and “best” aren’t the same thing.

The simple fact is the human voice one-to-one still tops using anything less human. Think about it. Which form of sales touch is more memorable, being told by a chat bot about something, getting something in paper junk mail, getting an e-mail, getting a text from a stranger, or talking to someone on the phone? “John Smith?” they’d say, “I spoke with him last week.” (Not I got an e-mail/junk mail/bot/text advert from him.) The person-to-person contact will always win out over technology, as tempting as it is to stop putting yourself through challenging cold-calling and rely solely on tech touches.

Phone touches are time-tested in getting warm appointments. DiscoverOrg did a study about growth with sales leaders. 55% of high-growth companies owed their success to cold-calling. Those companies who experienced 42% less growth, said cold-calling was dead. Clearly, companies who are good at cold-calling are growing faster that those who aren’t. After all, 92% of all customer interactions still happen over the phone.

There is, however, room for both person-to-person contact and high tech solutions so long as what you’re using, you’re using to its best advantage. Ask yourself the real question, is it cold-calling or is it the way I do cold-calling? Are you giving it your all or are you procrastinating when you should be calling? Is phone sales a skill you excel at? Cold-calling is ranked as salespeople’s least favorite tasks. Is it better for you to be making the calls, or does it make sense to outsource that work out to professionals who have years of experience at making cold-calls? The bottom line is and will always be, you do the most you can afford to do. PhoneTalk B2B is a proven means of upping your sales-call appointment-setting game. Leaving cold-call appointment-setting in the hands of experts makes the best use of your time and money.

Have you seen our bottom line? Check it out.