About Us

PhoneTalk B2B came from decades in sales, so we understand the sales process. Wanda March, the Founder and President branched out of her career as a sales professional to specialize in phone sales coaching which she did for decades. Then in 2009 an epiphany struck when a client asked if she would make their prospecting calls for them. They believed having taken her sales coaching course that they would never be as good as Wanda on the phone with all her years of experience. She took them up on it. She trained expert telemarketers, got on board with a high tech sophisticated calling system and PhoneTalk B2B was born.

Wanda March,
Founder, President

Wanda has had decades of experience in sales beginning in her first year selling insurance achieving the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table. Phone sales soon became her focus and she coached corporate sales teams.

Our Team

Each PTB2B team member is chosen based on their ability to connect with people on the phone. They sound confident, professional, approachable, and engaging; and, before they begin making calls on your behalf, they’re well trained on the message you want to convey.

In addition to selecting the best people and training them well, PTB2B ensures that each team member has access to the necessary information and resources about your company so they can make a positive impression on your prospective customers.

The scripts they use are written by a professional trainer and coach with over 28 years as a top-performing sales person.

We work with you in developing an email message designed to get your prospective client’s attention, drawing them in so they want to know more. Each touch along the way primes the pump for you when you get to your warmed appointment and you finally make the conversion from “prospect” to “client”.

Sounds great, but what’s all this going to cost me? Check it out.