Set-up Fee (one-time) $695 US. Our calling rate is $89 US/hour. Fees includes all scripting needs, e-mail template development, setting up your calling campaign, hours needed by the set-up team to learn about your company and our target market, and training the caller on script.


We make it a point to learn about your business. The  telemarketer is fully trained on why they are calling, who they are calling for, and how to get into a conversation with the prospective lead. We are not calling FOR your company, we look as if we’re calling FROM your company office. Caller ID shows your company’s phone number. We are part of your team. We always act in a manner which reflects well on your firm.


Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly call reports will be generated on your account, depending upon the number of hours of your campaign.


You can expect 22-26 dials per hour to get the correct person on the phone. We see an average of connecting and talking with 4-6 prospects in an hour, results may vary from industry to industry but these have been typical with our clients.

Contact us to turn your cold-calls into warmed appointments.

USA 310-868-1841  Canada 604-495-1843